When I woke up I remembered two threads.  Right now I might only have one in mind—

I walked out a window onto a ledge.  It was innocent enough.  Initially I intended only to gain access to the next room via its window.  This was at a hotel or dorm.  The ledge was only a foot wide, maybe six feet long.

Once I got out there I looked down.  Probably 80 feet.  I started to think about jumping, though I didn’t really have a reason.

Then I looked over on the ledge & saw this big package apparently from a publisher of some sort saying they were going to publish my work.  Realizing this, I definitely didn’t want to jump.  Now the only problem was getting back in the window.  I was figuring out how to this as the dream ended.


Now, a related thread from the same dorm-type atmosphere.  I was hanging out in a stoner room but we were not smoking.  Instead, it was at or during a room inspection sweep.  They were going door-to-door looking for contraband.  I had my little fanny satchel & in it that plastic bowl containing all of the BL.  I was not a student at the school.  Rather an alumnus.

Anyhow, the cop comes in—I believe it was STL police chief Joe Mokwa—and the very first thing asks to see my bag.  In advance of the search I was told by my pals not to worry too much; one guy showed me his stash, not hid well at all.  So I wasn’t going to worry until—blam!

I awoke or fell out of the dream instantly.  In half-sleep I was weighing my legal options—they had no right to search me in violation of my 4th Amendment rights against illegal search & seizure (no cause; indeed I was not a student there); or, I was not subject to a snap search b/c I was not a student there.

But now I’m thinking that IF it was a private university I could not claim constl. rights bc the const. does not apply where private actors are concerned.


OK, second thread, distinct.  Another dumb back-in-high-school-are-you-going-to-play-basketball dreams.  The answer: no.  Instead I was working for the newspaper & I was going to cover the team.  Still, very awkward atmosphere b/c I was refusing to join the team.

Sadly, this is a recurring dream that just won’t die.

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