I recall bits and pieces.  First I am at this luxury hotel (I guess).  I come out of a pool or sauna room.  As I leave two attractive young gals come in.  Maybe it’s something like a locker room or it’s supposed to be private.

I keep open an inch and a half crack in the door and I look in on them undressing.  Nice chests.  Not real big but perky and these gals are in a real good mood.  I wonder how they can be unaware of me.

Somehow this scene ends and next thing I know I am simply trying to get back into this complex.  It’s big.  And now I’ve got a dog, not quite Squirt but he has some Squirt characteristics.  I am telling him to sit and stay in a certain spot so I can go back and peep some more.

I don’t believe it ever happens.  I don’t remember any more from the complex.


But then I am going home, w/ Brook and Squirt and one or two other dogs.  We are in a second-floor apartment.  The steps going up are terribly icy.  I say I’ll go up first and then throw some salt.  I go up precariously.  At some point the steps become a tall, metal ladder.

When I’m high up, Brook appears at the door apparently having “gone in the back door” and I wonder what the hell I’m doing on the icy ladder.

As I attempt the transition from ladder to landing, the ladder starts to fall away, toward the ground.  I make some sort of instant, calm, jump to a window or maybe to the landing and that’s that.

The ladder disappears maybe.

Inside is a fourth dog, a little Doberman type that is real snappy but mostly just neglected by us.  I say so and apologize as I’m petting him.

see the cbw response here

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