Swimming; Obama

First the Obama thread.  Went to an Obama rally/speech.  He was either President or pres-elect.  Was there I think w/ Brook and sister Em.  We actually got right up close to Obama and the podium.  There was a big crowd but it was sparse up front.  I remember thinking that if I had a gun it would have been astoundingly easy.  But the memorable moment came when he was talking—I assume—about Sept. 11, 2001 and he said how, “They brought the Empire State Building down…and all that was left was the steel skin.”

And the people started murmuring and then saying loudly, “That never happened.”  And he was like, “Oh—yeah, I mean, uh…No that never happened.” But the people were shocked, stunned.  I was like, “What’s wrong with this guy?  Does he have Alzheimer’s?”  And then, “I think we’ve made a big mistake.”

Second thread.  I was in a locker room, I guess at college.  For whatever reason, I was insulting all of the swimmers, talking about how big-a pussies they all were.  I was fixing to get ganged up on and beaten.  I was really in their faces but it seems nothing happened.

Later I felt remorse and wanted to apologize.  Indeed, I realized that what I really wanted was to swim but I was never adept at lap swimming and needed help.  So my insults were really all about my own weakness.  I was planning on issuing a big apology and then going swimming.

(I am in Monteagle.)  And there are a pair of goggles here that in some half-sleep state I was thinking I could wake up and use.


In a third minor/sketchy thread, going through a bunch of bottles of lotion/toiletries and deciding what to get rid of.  Very early morning.  Then Jorin showed up, something to do with running. I believe Karin was attending to her.


see the cbw response here

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