Ron Paul

I don’t remember this portion of my dreams.  I had many last night.  One was very sexual.  I woke up with a boner and really wanted to finish the job but didn’t.  In the dream I was peeping on a woman that looked a lot like Andrianna.  It was a dorm-room setting.  I watched her undress and then comb her bush and wash her snatch.  In the dream I was whacking it but couldn’t get it off.


Next thread is a birthday party for me, that my mom put together.  When I hear that two Emilies are going to be there I get very angry and sulk because I didn’t want my sister invited.  My brother is there, which excites me.  He shows me this new hockey stick he got.  Its blade is complicated by a pedal and the whole thing is almost like something you could ride.  I couldn’t figure out how anyone could shoot a puck with it.  He got it at a Columbus Blue Jackets game?

I calm down and it’s fine that my sister is there but all these other people start showing up, people I don’t know.  This pisses me off.  I can’t play any of the music I want to play.


Then a thread set in a mall.  Brook there.  Trying to find a place to sit and eat.  I shoot down her suggestion.  But then the mall takes on a dorm-like feel and I am warning some guy about one of my ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend being pissed off and looking for blood.  This guy I warn says he doesn’t even know her.


I wish I could remember more of the Ron Paul thread.  It was such a chore to actually write it down.  I dreamed I wrote it down several times and it probably kept me awake knowing I hadn’t.  I was surprised to see it scrawled there this morn.


see the cbw response here

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