Frisbee Golf

Was assigned to cover a golf tournament.  Lots of players.  I actually got out on the course.  But then they were throwing frisbees not hitting golf balls.  One of the frisbees hit me and I was embarassed.  On the third hole, I lost them.  Fell asleep or something.  Phil Williams was around.  I was gonna ask him if he had any grass.  I was trying to find the third and fourth holes but couldn’t.  Went into this large building adjacent to the course and found a map.  Building was ominous, secrets there, part school part army base.


Earlier, dreamt there was a break-in.  This was occurring in a different house, as I was sleeping.  Actually heard the sounds in real life and woke up, soon realizing that the sounds (e.g. a door squeaking open) were not real, mind playing tricks.  Also dreamt I was writing poetry in a notebook.  Do not remember any of course but would love to’ve actually written it down.


see the cbw response here

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