Dream:  While I was sleeping someone came into my apartment and stole my computer.  I walked out my door though and there it was.  Sitting right outside my door.  Not stolen.  I visited Michael, my neighbor across the way, and blamed him for it.  He said he didn’t do it though.

Later the next day, while searching my house/apartment, someone else and I found a young Indian or Mexican boy just standing quietly in the back of a closet.  I asked if it was him who had moved the computer and he said yes, he had done it because it had tried to get inside his mind.

I thought this was great and, inside the dream, I had the notion to make this portion of the dream into a one-act, or the opening act of a play.

This boy multiplied into many others but the original retained a Mother-mary-like religious significance.


see the cbw response here

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