An Amsterdam Dream.

An Amsterdam dream.  I was back in Amsterdam.  Eric Peters was there.  It was that moment, when I’m walking out of the train station and the whole city is there in front of me, and I’m so excited by the opportunities.

So Eric and I try to figure out what shop to go to.  I am lobbying for Grey Area.  He doesn’t want to go there.  I ask why and he doesn’t say much.  I say it’s supposed to be the best weed and I am thinking about the ice0o0later hash in my head.  If you want a more comfortable place to sit, then how about the Dampkring.

Then we are in a shop and I am ordering off of a menu.  There are only four choices and I am having a hard time making up my mind.  The bud-tender seems annoyed.  I remark to myself about how I can communicate in English.

That thread ends and I am in a house with another family.  It is a summer house and I am not all that familiar with the family.  It is akin to being w/ a girlfriend’s family for the first time, those awkward moments.

Anyway, the mother figure is on a variety of medications and I am eager to look at the bottles to determine if there’s anything I want.  But I have to be very careful b/c theire isn’t a good reason for me to go through her desk or cabinet, etc.  I need to get in there alone.  I feel like I almost do it once but her husband appears and I have to make up some excuse.

Then there is a scene where they are moving out or at least moving furniture.  I do open the desk and see some bottles but I cannot recall any specifics.


do not read the cbw response until you also/first? read Sylar—How to Kill (above)

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