If there’s one thing I wish I could do, it would be to fly

Three threads of dreams:

(1)  Thom Kortkamp, a reunion, but he was disaffected, bipolar, scary.

(2)  Flying.  Do not remember flying, but I believe I did.  What I remember is trying to show someone else how I did it—just start flapping your arms; you’ll get a little lift; then start kicking your legs; then flap and kick, and up you go—but I couldn’t get off the ground.  This happened before in a dream.  Where I expected to be able to fly, but couldn’t.

(3)  Crush on Annie Castello (grade school).  I ended up getting in a fight.  This guy and I were arguing face to face, then we were both about to kiss, to spite each other, and he slips me either a loogie or his tongue, or both, and I push him down on a picnic table and put a cigarette out under his eye.  I thought all of this would impress Annie but when I looked up after the fight she was no longer around.  And I felt like a fool.


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