Talking squirrel!

Yes, some mildly mentally retarded older fellow (living in a basement somewhere?) said he had something for me to see.  The squirrel was  completely conversive but shy.  It had an unusually long and skinny elephant-esque snout through which it talked, kind of a nasal voice.  I either apologized or internally felt guilt about the squirrels I killed this spring.



People were trying to steal my gold.  I asked them how they even knew I had any and they said my house was glowing.  Called U City 911 but no one came.  People kept breaking in or trying to.  I knifed a couple but they didn’t die.  I started to ferry the gold out of the house but these people were all over me.


see the cbw response here
(Which response also references 12.17.2006 dream, type of thing)

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