Two-bit Christmas

Some cute girl was dropping quarters to me down the center (inside) of a multi-floor stairwell.  She was really into quarters and somehow dropping them was her way of breaking in new ones.

Utah’s “quarter” was a little brown shopping bag made of soft fabric.  Then there was a special edition quarter that was large and related to global warming.  It was sort of a “State of Global Warming” quarter, with a big waterfall on it.  Presumably a new waterfall created through warming effects.

Perhaps this thread fed into the next that I want to write about.  Also global warming-themed.  I was working to get the Clean Air Act changed to help combat global warming.  But I was doing so not as a lawyer but rather some kind of James Bond vigilante type.

First I remember getting a mission (from the cute girl) that I had to destroy a washing machine in what seems like it was a gov’t building.  I took an ax to it and was chopping at the spot where you would put in quarters to do a load.  Two guys in succession tried to stop me so I used the backside of the ax (like a sledge) and nailed them on the back of the neck with it, knocking them out.  That mission was then over.

Next I was on some campus trying to find the guy who could tell me what my mission was.  He was a student there.  Very casual he was.  Maybe just being discrete in company.  very stingy to give me direct orders.  He said I needed to get laws changed.  What laws?  Any?  State, local, campus?  Any.  Then someone else was there who knew the goals.  But I think she was on the phone and the other guy was out to lunch completely at this point.  So was asking her, “It’s the Clean Air Act I’m trying to get changed, right?”


Unrelated, earlier thread.  Fooling around with some cute girl that I believe was dating someone else or maybe under someone else’s guardianship.  Ken Rumelt was in this dream, in the next room.  But this gal and I are on a bed and just totally comfy.  I don’t remember what she looked like or anything else about her.  I don’t think we really even did anything but it was still a lot of fun, feeling like we were doing something we weren’t supposed to.


see the cbw response here

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