The Double-Love Stabbings

One of my worst dreams ever last night.  Knives, Jackie, Brook.  Possibility of going to jail.  For some reason, the three of us agreed it would be a good idea for me to assist in their death: stabbing them, right under the rib cage and thrusting upward toward the heart.  Awful just awful.  Plenty of blood.

After I had stabbed them both, I began to realize that what I was doing was horribly wrong.  So I made a call to emergency.  Apparently, we were all in a dorm.  Because I called emergency and got some sort of “front desk”.  Jason Spanel answered the phone there and thought I was kidding him.  After a bit it became clear that I wasn’t.  Ambulances arrived soon enough, as did police.

For awhile, I was only being questioned by the police.  I wasn’t yet in jail but it was just a matter of time.  They must have been trying to figure out what to charge me with.  I don’t recall Brook or Jackie dying.  But some parts of the dream did come from jail.

At some point before that though, I remember being on the WU campus.  I was looking for Jessica Yokley I think.  I went into a classroom that was taking a test and actually sort of interrupted things.  I didn’t quite do it myself: some attractive brunette taking the test saw me come in and after a bit she was like, “Are you looking for somebody?”  I told her I was looking for Sarah Johnson, in a whisper.  Then when Sarah wasn’t there, I made to leave.  On my way out, I apologized to the teacher—Mr. Buchanan, freshman high school, bio—and he wasn’t too understanding about it.

The last concrete thing I remember is being questioned again by the police.  After a bit, they must have figured that I/we needed a break.  They told me to go across the street and get a movie.  I went, breaking into a jog soon enough.  I was headed straight toward the video store though I must admit that escape crossed my mind.  Sure enough, as I got to the parking lot of the place, the police started yelling.  I turned around and saw that a police dog (german shepherd) was right on me.  It bit into my hand.  The police got there and finally persuaded the dog to let me go.  It turned out that I could converse with the dog in standard English.  He could say things that I could understand and vice versa.

The police apparently thought I was just making it up.

I remember two more scenes, but I have to get ready for work.

                           + Basketball with (adults)
                           + Lunch at the Jail Cafeteria

Final thought:  This was an AWFUL dream.  One that I woke up from at least twice.  The earlier time, I woke up and wished it weren’t true but couldn’t see how it could be false: it had happened.  The second time I woke up and realized that I was free from that reality.


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