West End Word II

I remember walking around, late morning with a couple of guys.  Older than me.  One might have been the publisher of West End Word.  Although he acted differently (i.e. not gay).  We sat at this restaurant and I was thinking about getting a drink.  At first they didn’t seem interested in a drink but the menu didn’t seem to have any drinks on it.

But on second look the menu was only drinks.  And they wanted to drink indeed, maybe were only playing with me.

I was gonna get a manhattan but a maker’s manhattan was $12 or something.  Then they had their rail ‘hattan listed and it was $7 or so, so I was gonna get that.

I am missing a ton of this dream.  I suspect we were going from place to place just drinking.  I also have in mind beach scenes, like maybe we were in Florida or the Texas coast…


read the cbw response here but not before reading the 12.30 dream above

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