Someone killed Jackie McKenna by stabbing her.  I guess this was when me and her were back at IMSA.  I did not do it (I had no memory of it in the dream) but I was the main suspect nonetheless.  The cops came and picked me up for questioning.  I was at b-ball practice when they picked me up.  I couldn’t believe the accusation (but I don’t remember being surprised or aggrieved).  I told the police to talk to my friends and acquaintances, who would say I would never do that.  I never formulated an alibi (I was never asked to).  One of the players to vouch for me was Michael Jordan, my friend in the dream.

Kurt Ewen, my RC at IMSA, was one of the detectives.  He was questioning me, driving me around.  I said, Take a black light to my hands and clothes.  Check my apartment, I said.  But I was slightly apprehensive of this because someone else had a key to my apartment–Ray.  It crossed my mind that when I got back to the apartment w/ Detective Ewen that my apartment could be framed up—ransacked, murder weapon and clothed planted, blood on doorknob.  But I thought: my prints wouldn’t be on that stuff anyway.  I yelled at Kurt saying, Run any tests you want, you won’t find any evidence against me.


read the cbw response here

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