The Wire

“Wire”-esque drug dealing
and I got caught by rival dealer and was
pleading for my life.  Was it McNulty
or was he my boss?  Maybe I was with
Omar and he pissed them off.

Carcetti was also in the dream.  I remember him coming across me in a big, being-rehabbed house.  Something about an air vent in the floor (without register).  Some money dropped in it.  He was not my friend.  Maybe he was the head of the other side.

I was talking to one of the high-ups of the rival gang.  At one time maybe we were friends.  I was saying I like you guys, it’s not personal.  And he reciprocated but this wasn’t going to save my life.

I said, You guys might need a good lawyer down the road.  And I remember thinking, I’d be awful at the kind of work I’d have to do for them.  And I figured they’ve probably already got a bevy of lawyers.  This was true desperation on my part.

Then I remember the guy opening a brand new pack of Camel Lights.  Taking the cellophane off.

This is the first dream I can recall in which I was literally pleading for my life.


see the cbw response here

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