Man on the Run

I was a man on the run, possibly AWOL.  I killed George Steinbrenner …  kept shooting guns that didn’t work very well…

After killing Steinbrenner with a knife I fled to Texas and was so tired I forgot how I got to the hotel I woke up in.  My sisters had helped me get set up.  I spoke to them on speaker phone.  They were talking to me and I asked them what they knew and they said, You smoke too much.  What else, I said.  You drink too much, they said.  What else, I said.  Do I need to leave soon?  Yes! they said.  I was paranoid.

The guns that didn’t work: had knobs on them to twist to make them more powerful.  I would shoot people and the bullets would barely pierce the skin.  I think I was AWOL.  There was a tank at one point.  Deseret Recycling: The Recycling Tank that doesn’t recycle.  I didn’t have any weapon.  At one point I knew someone could have shot me but took too long to point gun at me and I thought I was in a movie.  Killing Steinbrenner was gruesome.  I felt bad.  As he lay dead I said, I’ve always respected you etc. etc.


A different dream earlier: Jackie McKenna/Brook as g.f.  My dad was around.  My grandpa Randall died.  Jackie and I wanted to go to sleep in a room but my dad was asleep there we found out.  Then he got a phone call saying his dad was dead.  It wasn’t too surprising and not too upsetting.  For some reason, there was a wine made special for the funeral—I thought, Doesn’t it take awhile to make wine—but I ran into Sharon Womack in a hall at the office—Grandpa’s funeral was in a room at the office—and she spoke of the wine: It’s very good, with melon overtones, it’s very rich.  I thought she was just being nice, that she didn’t think the wine was very good at all.


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