Leaky Cold Basement

Yeah, my basement (which only slightly resembled my real-life basement) had all kinds of holes where the drywall stopped and insulation was flapping in the breeze.  So of course it was cold.   And then part of the basement wasn’t even finished; it was just studs.  So I resolved to get cracking and fix it all up and then the house would be warm!


Brook and I were in the same business class, sitting at the same table.  She had this eraser she tried to use during a test but when she tried to use it, it made the sound of a harmonica.  Very annoying!  So she asked me for an eraser, which I gave her.  But then she kept talking and was bugging the hell out of me and presumably everybody else.


Workers that snuck sniff of Brook’s panties…I accidentally tossed Squirt…Cut a guy and his dog…

When I tossed Squirt, he ran across the street.  Then I realized my mistake.  He tried to run up the trunk of a tree but of course he couldn’t.  He ran back across the street truing to get away from me but I barely caught him.   Now I had to figure out the legal ramifications of cutting the guy.  And who would finish the work?  And would these guys try to get revenge?

Yeah, so we had some electricians over doing some work.  It was early morning and I wasn’t even out of bed.  But I realized that these two guys were near the bathroom where Brook was showering.  I started to get wise and pissed.  Somehow she had a pile of clothes and one guy grabbed a pair of panties, took a sniff and passed them to the other guy who did the same, gave them back to the first guy.  They shared a chuckle as the first guy tossed them under the bed.  I saw all of this and became enraged.  I grabbed a sharp kitchen knife.  Now the two guys were basically one guy and one dog.  I cut the guy on his back, drew blood, also cut the dog.  The I was on the porch tossing two dogs out into the yard.  The first was Squirt.  Crap!  I didn’t mean to do that.  Poor guy was scared and ran across the street, tried to crawl up a tree etc. (see p. 111).


see the cbw response here

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