Israel, Hab-Del, and The Two Cs

I was visiting Israel when terror strikes in the form of TNT in a soccer ball.  My family was in the immediate vicinity.  My mom was hurt, but not bad.  I was OK.  Em and Nick I could not find news about, but I had a bad feeling.  I saw it all happen but I quickly left the scene to chase the culprit.  180 POL was the license plate on the truck of the bomber.

I had previously entered a Palestinian area that was tightly guarded by men with swords.  I had won a sword-fighting contest.  I was escorted through this area by a man named Hab-del who made me understand where he was coming from, but who still frightened me.


Also from last night/this morning (a sleep period of 2:00-11:00):

+ Bad grades.  Two Cs.  Or actually C1 as they were listed.  But they did not align with classes I’d taken.  I had four grades—I took four classes—but no grade for property.  Which I thought I could not have gotten a C in.

+ Also, lingering bad feeling about Crim Law test.  My brother was in the class!  I got soaked in back and butt by someone on the UT campus who was not doing a very good job directing their hose spray.  I went to the Dean and said, “I gotta wet ass now!  How’d you like to take a test with a wet ass?”  I was gonna sue or something.  But I went and took the test.  Only I didn’t answer the last question.  Question 3.  Something about Freud.


See the cbw response here

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