Sleep is Meditation?

I was at a school like IMSA but I believe it was college not high school.  I was going to be expelled or suspended because I said something about the shampoo there.  Something like, “I’ll use as much as I want because it doesn’t lather very well.”  I was a writer figure.  Also a lawyer.  When I heard they were going to take action I vowed to sue them under the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech protections.  I remember thinking that it was a state school and therefore a state actor thus susceptible to a First Amendment suit and the school could not abridge my freedom to speak.

Then I remember a female interest in the dream.  I’m not sure how interested she was in me.  I was getting ready to leave because of the suspension/expulsion.  We might have been holding hands or playing with our hands like people in high school do.  I believe I tried to play up my writer/renegade nature to impress her.

Then, in a possibly related thread, I was in a library, near finals time.  I was sitting by the cart where people return their books.  I remember thinking about taking one because these had been checked out under others’ names but not checked back in.  I was looking for Dharma Bums.  There were a bunch of books by Philip During, whoever that is.

Turns out turnover on this shelf was fast.  Someone I knew asked us to see if a book he dropped off was still there.  It was by Diane Keaton.  It wasn’t there.

(Then, when I woke up at 5a this morn, Brook said I said the word “Buddhist” in my sleep.)


See the cbw response here

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