In Lieu of a Red Van Fashion Door

I did not sleep very well last night.  I got into bed at 22:00 ad slept well until 0:08.  But I awoke with a start at that point and slept fitfully from then until 4:00.  Nonetheless, I managed to host an array of dreams:

                    1)  Van, murder
                    2)  Pot, flat bowl, crystals, Magic-a-plenty
                    3)  Sex dream—bodacious babe
                    4)  A house, part of it ignored; exquisite creek, roots, bank
                                + Sitting with Dr. Green and explaining to him the history of Dad and
                                     his sister
                    5)  In the city.  Party somewhere.  Af-Ams.  Pot in bag.  Going to a basketball
                          game. Babe in café (some from #4 or an Af-Am babe?) Going to visit her
                          in lieu of Brook.  Run into Dad and he convinces me to turn around.  I
                          had been going there too much.  Friends think my decision not to visit
                          babe in café was dumb.

One.  I was half-awake—or half-conscious of my waking breathing—for this one.  I was lying asleep in a van or truck behind tinted glass when a very shady red van sidles up into the space next to mine.  I was listening.  They had guns and were talking about popping somebody.  I was trepidated.  Breathing very loudly and deliberately—afraid they could hear me and/or see me.  This is where I think I was half-conscious; I was hearing my own actual breathing as I lay there half-asleep.

So they were getting ready to make their move.  The whole apartment building I was parked at was shady.  Another pair of headlights came by.  It was nobody, but these guys (three of them) had stashed their guns (maybe down a little drainpipe).  Two of them had headphones (or a boombox) on them.  As the headlights landed on them, they acted like they were jamming with the music.  One of the guys’ pants fell down to around his ankles to show green/brown boxers.  One of them wore sunglasses.  I don’t recall where they went from here.

Interlude.  Women coming in from (same?) parking lot wearing half-dresses and rich dates.  For tops, they wore whipped cream across their breasts.  They were acting as though they were at the height of fashion.

Two.  I guess I had an apartment in this same complex.  I did not feel at all safe in this apartment.  My bed was right next to a door that was wood surrounding a big pane of glass in the middle.  This door and a window above the bed led directly to the outside.


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