Time travel in car.  dBB.  DVD…

Yes, I was in a car and in it I was capable of time travel.  I switched off driving duties with a girlfriend of mine, though I can’t say exactly who this girl was.  It started out as a game I believe…trying to get somewhere by traveling between dimensions, piloting a craft and not knowing where you could end up.  But I didn’t pilot mine very well and I traveled backwards or downwards instead of up and I was in a place very full of evil.  The people at first seemed normal [this traveling was like the Quantum Leap phenomenon].  It was in this place that I was coupled with the girl; we drove a big brown car.  We met an older man but he turned out to be very zombie-like and we tried to flee.  We tried to get our time travel working but it wouldn’t work right away…. So I was driving and we were surrounded by people who wanted to capture us and I started to break out with the car, ramming things….  All of a sudden we traveled out of the moment and now I was by myself again—on the set of Saturday Night Live.  I was put on the spot and had to do a bit…so I took on the voice of a retarded person and went on about how I was trying to buy a DVD but got instead something or other called dBB: little round pellets of something.  It might have been funny at first but it got old fast.


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