When the Wall Comes Down: A Nick Adams Story

Government takes over Mascoutah high school when Bush speech there comes under terrorist attack.

The place feels more like a university.  I am walking through halls.  Bush and Cheney are there.  I even see them from a ways.  But then I hear gunfire and a general panic sets in—I have on baseball cleats so it’s hard to run on stone walkways.

I am trying to get off of campus.  At one point I come to a freshly erected wood wall.  This place is like a castle.  I scale it and jump to grass on the other side.  At this point it’s clear that the government was trying to impound us, that the real war is the government against us and the objective is to get the hell out.  People are literally running for their lives.

I think I am heading in the right direction—i.e., off campus, avoiding government tanks or whatever they’ve now got here.  I see an acquaintance—Nick Adams.  We find a hiding spot close yet to school but amongst some brush.  He is waiting to meet two teachers at this spot.  He whistles.  Some females come up to us as we are lying in the brush.  They are smiling—at a time like this.  I wish I would have carried off on the direction I was setting out on.  I am not sure where this group is gonna get me.


See the cbw response here

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