Drugs og planting stufff

•  Maybe something about Rosicrucians.  A triangle…

•  Smoking cigars.  Having to make deliveries after work with a group of Af-Ams.  Something I got tired of day after day but I was somehow obliged.  Then I skipped and saw one of the workers, a stout guy, and he guilted me about it.  Connected to this, a building with lots of trash in the hallways.  In New York or New Jersey I think.

•  Later on, at law school.  Think it was orientation or something.  In a group doing that human tangled web ‘trust-building activity’ where you get all tangled up and have to untangle yourselves by stepping through , twisting, untangling.  Normally I hate these things but I was somewhat OK with this one except we were performing it on a small piece of ground near the edge of a cliff and I was afraid of falling over.  We moved away from the edge.


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