A Couple of Interesting Threads Last Night…

One, Emily is out in the street, a street like Teasdale and she’s got an umbrella, multicolored.  It is raining and windy.  The umbrella gets inverted by the wind and she loses it.  It’s blowing down the street.

For awhile I just watch it; it blows on by me.  Then I decide to get it, to run it down.  It crosses over the street running perpendicular.

I am chasing it and it’s going down this next street and now I’m in a big city like New York and I don’t think it’s rainy anymore.  Now Ray is there and I can’t remember what happens from there.


Except I do remember a related thread and it’s Emily sort of trying to hug me or wanting me to put my arms around her and I’m really nervous and I stumble and fall over.

That moment passes.  She finds Ray I guess.

Then I am kissing Jane Teal, some girl from grade school who I hardly knew but who lived nearby.  It’s a long kiss, in front of Ray and Em.  Kind of a shock, I perceive, because I am still married to Brook in the dream.  There’s more but I can’t get it.


Now a separate thread that occurred close to waking.  Back on Teasdale or some street like it.  Me and Brook are out there.  There are several police around.  Maybe I am coming back from a walk and it’s like, “Uhhh…what’s up?”  At first they’re all casual and I’m trying to be.  But the scene is ominous for sure.

I am going up to the house and one cop is following me.  I am seriously worried now and wondering how they know about my plants.  The cop says they want to come in and look around and I am panicking inside, trying to get in the house before they do.  I go downstairs and ball up some hanging, drying plants and toss them in a box but there’s nothing I can do about the plants yet growing (I don’t remember how many).

I am telling the cop that all of this is going to be inadmissible because they don’t have a warrant and haven’t given any kind of probable cause or reason for being inside my house.  They just cam in.

And the cop says something like, “That may be the case but you’ll get three years for what you said to those Cubans.”  And he is referencing some conversation I had in my house with some Cubans about toppling the government.  I don’t know how the cops know this, I guess my house is bugged.  So, I say, “Well, that’s speech, free speech, protected by the Constitution” etc. etc.


see the cbw response here

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