Had a dream I huffed some NO2 and reasoned that was why I has the headache I have right now…

{Didn’t sleep very well last night.  Tossing, turning.}  [Push me, Pull me…]

Otherwise, the dream had two of the most popular, recurring elements my dreams have had of late: being on vacation at a resort-like place, and being at some kind of high-school reunion…

It was a combo high school/college reunion.  Matt Baker is the only face I can recall for sure.  Lots of talk about Philip K. Dick.  I got it in my head he played the one-armed man in the Twin Peaks television shows.  I asked people if they’d read any PKD before.  There was a girl who said she had but I couldn’t determine how much.

People were passing nitrous oxide tank and mask around the table.  You were supposed to eat some sushi—tuna filet; mine was ‘just ok’—and then take your huffs.

Isaac Suggs was there I guess.

I was one among the circle last to get my turn.  I was disappointed that people were leaving.  I had some sushi and took a couple huffs.

I don’t recall much.  I think Ben Wanless might’ve been there.  Someone came in and told me—I was alone now, huffing the nitrous—that I should stop or be careful because we might get into trouble.

This crier cited physical concerns—there were particles of clay, dust, glass or sand or something in the nitrous and it wasn’t good for me.  So I stopped but I was not happy.  I told this person how you could breathe in that stuff through the air anywhere—around a construction site, for instance.

The group had gone to play pool, or to get in line at the desk to request renting a table I guess.  Someone complained about how the line and the waiting was ridiculous.  They were sitting on couches at their part of the line.  Maybe Vivek Chat from frisbee days was there.  I said the hell with waiting and walked to the pool room.

  {Cocker Spaniel
jumping over
      me; New
York Jets; its

I couldn’t tell at first if any table were open and I wasn’t sure if paying w/ quarters at the table would release the balls or I had to up to a counter somewhere to get a rack’s worth.

My delaying cost me because someone was just then sliding quarters into the table I was eyeing.  I had asked someone else for next on their table.  But I had overlooked a table it seemed; no one was on this table it appeared.  But just as I went to it someone else was on it.  Then I saw another table I had overlooked.

Eventually I got one of the limitless tables and put four quarters in the tray which you then push into the table.  But I couldn’t find a good triangle.  I only found a ‘rectangle’ to rack two or three balls.


 This pool playing…eventually my gang came in.  I was at a table kind of over in a dark area.  Brian Hamman was part of my group.  They didn’t see me or I didn’t want to play in the dark area.  They picked up the table of the couple I’d asked to let me have next.  The couple or the girl from out of the couple came and offered the table to me before she let them have it.  I said, “Thanks.  I’ve got this table here now.”

Somehow the playing pool scene morphed slightly into me playing with—I think—an Asian guy.  The pool table was like a craps table and we had twice the usual number of balls on the table—two of each.


Somewhere along the way a scene with a cocker spaniel.  This dog was like Ray’s dog, Meg.  I was lying on my back and Meg, or whatever dog this was, had taken to jumping over me, back and forth.  At first I was afraid the dog would land on my chest but this didn’t happen.

Instead the dog and I conversed.  I don’t know if it was in English or telepathically.  She was depressed because she didn’t think her owner cared about her.  This was a golden cocker spaniel, in color.  I tried to console her and offer her alternate reasons for her owner’s callousness.  Somehow football got into this conversation.  The New York Jets.


Finally, more about the resort thread.  Only highlights because this is dragging out:

•  Almost driving Jeep off edge of closed bridge.  Not very high up but would’ve hurt car.  Brook was with me.  Had to put in reverse and back up very slowly, skilfully.  A struggle.

•  Swam around to other part of resort and walking back from where I exited water in unfamiliar part of resort was tough.  The place was huge.  In this unfamiliar part of the resort were many attractive women.  I was swimming amongst some but was uncomfortable and got out of the water.
   Walking back through the resort I ran into some girl who was trying to get me to rent headphones.  The latest pop hit was playing and she was expecting me to know it and sing along.  I said I really didn’t know the song actually.
   “No, really,” I said. “I quit listening to the radio.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.”
  She contemplated this and thought it might be a good idea for her to do the same.

•  Walking back to where family was staying at this resort.
   Weaving through unknown parts of indoor resort.
   A bar on Sunday morning with plenty in it.
   My tower was called something like Hohokam.
   From here this led to the driving Jeep on truncated bridge scene…


see the cbw response here

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