Thresh-hold: A Flying Dream

Trying to remember the combo of a lock but I could not.

Rebecca Gordon.

Deep dish pizza.

Taking a class somewhere.

Getting a paycheck.

Enough for a Roth?

Also, Will Randall.  He was trying to find me.  He came to my house but I acted like I wasn’t there.  I thought he was going to break the door down.  I crossed the foyer and I think he saw me.  I left via some other door to attend the class I was thinking about.

I flew.  Before class.  I was walking walking fast but then I picked up my feet and just scooted along.  And, damn, I even said to myself—this must be a dream.

The lock was for a locker for stuff during this class.

Separately, my mom was livin in a bad hood.  I wanted to move her.  I got shot at twice.


The cbw responds

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