Snow Mae

Had a tryst with an Asian named Snow Mae at some party or night club.  Ray or Phil might’ve been there.  I was completely trashed; met this girl; thought she was hot and we left together.  I was aware of my infidelity but said fuckit.  I do not remember what we did, if anything.  We might’ve done nothing but probably there was an attempt at some kind of sex.  (I awoke with a pristine boner.)

I ended up having B pick me up from where I was (I think…) but I don’t know how I got home but when I did there were all these kinds of predators in the backyard.  B was awake.

It was about four o’clock in the morning.  She went outside for some reason…there was a sliding door…and we happened upon this menagerie of scary beasts. The one I remember most was this faux-leopard.  It was the size and shape of a leopard but not spotted—a solid, rusty orange—and it had not claws nor teeth!

So, it jumped on me but it had no real way of hurting me.   In any event, we ran back inside and then B drove us somewhere.

Maybe we were going to the police or animal control but we ended up parking in the corner of a parking lot of an apartment complex and sitting opposite us in this lot in some lawn chairs and having a sort of early morning picnic were Snow Mae and her family.

I didn’t realize it at first.  But her mom or grandma started yelling at us and our windows were just cracked so we didn’t hear anything.

But I was like, “Let’s get the hell out of here.  This crazy lady’s shouting at us.”

I think she was saying something to the effect of: you just had a one-night-stand with my girl and now you’re gone and you are a dirt-bag-creep!


the cbw responds

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