I’ve started this habit now, out of—what?—laziness, vagueness, whatever: of writing my dream from the night before/morning-of late the next night, i.e. later during the night of the day I woke up in instead of writing it right away that morning-of when I wake up.  It’s not a better way to do it, and I should only write up the dream so late if it is a dream I didn’t at all remember until some occurrence triggered remembrance during the waking day. 


I dreamt last night something about working as a cleaning person in a residence house…an authoritarian was leading the place.  It could have been a jail or at the least I have the feeling it was some place I was confined to against my wishes.

To have fun one night—I see a big, open room looking like a factory: metal stairs, maybe boilers, like a brewery…with the lights in the back of the place not turned on—

We wanted to have fun for a change; to have a good meal.  We were gonna cook chicken but we weren’t allowed access to stoves or fire so how were we gonna cook that chicken that somehow we had gained access to…frozen breasts of chicken.

And we’d also gotten vodka, lots of it somehow…and fruit, I guess of the citrus variety. The though was: We’ll leave the chicken in a big metal tub full of alcohol and citrus and it would be prepared like that.  So that was the plan.  I don’t know how it all ended up.

There were other peers of mine in the dream.  A male, like Brian Ebel, and a female, maybe an Indian girl, a girl who’s at some of Taylor / Brian H’s parties…


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