Lost Cat

•  Patrick and Brook got a little too frisky in the attic.  We were all here and knew they were up there but…

•  We were going to get a cat.  I think it was Patrick’s.  We weren’t sure how Squirt would react.

•  License plate switcheroo.  Jack from Lost switched the license plates on my car.  This happened while I was at a concert.  My Jeep was parked near a White Castle.  I ran and found the cops.  Jack admitted to it.  He stashed my plates in a White Castle dumpster.

•  Eric Peters dream.  He got pissed at me when I didn’t know about some past girlfriend he had, named Brihanna.  He questioned how good a friend I was and whether I was paying attention.  We had been getting along very well; planting pot or doing something with grass.  My mom came by and we tried to hide it…unclear what she saw.


the cbw responds to several recent dreams

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