Distilled Water

Been having plenty of dreams but I’ve either been too lazy to write them down or I just didn’t want to write them because they were either banal or too freaky.  

Yesterday was a dream having something to do with ‘distilled water’.

Last night, two threads:


Woke up at 2:30 after a nightmare involving this naked blond woman who was either my wife/girlfriend or my daughter.  What’s odd is that she was just plain naked walking down the street with me. 

I guess she was doing it for fun or maybe she was crazy.  The street was similar to 59th St. or Highway 15 in Belleville.

Anyway, I was more blasé about the situation than I should’ve been. 

I saw these two yokels/goobers in a blue Nissan pickup take note of the naked gal and start to get excited.  Seeing this I told her to go down a sidestreet, to try to get out of sight.  I was then gonna go get my car which was a little ways off.

But the goobers must’ve seen where she went because when I looked back they were tackling her.  I told someone on the street to call 911 and I was gonna go try to stop her from being raped.

But I think the two yokels had a silver pistol.  The blond’s hair was braided into a ponytail.

The dream was so awful I woke up.  Feeling guilty, responsible.  I went and took a piss and thought about what my next move should be.  Grab my tire iron and just sprint like mad hell at them, make them shoot me.  Best case is scare them off or crack a skull with the tire iron.


 Willie Nelson in a bad mood.  My dad was somehow involved with this dream.  I remember us lodging at a strange hotel…  But we went and saw Willie Nelson at his house and he was really rude to me. 

So I was like, Fuck you, Willie.

I/we left and one of Willie’s people came back after me and wanted me to come back so Willie could apologize…


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