Ether / Dicks / Cactus


So…this dream.  Early on in it I was going to, or I did, sniff some ether.  It was a funny color—not clear like it should’ve been.  It was a milky pink and I don’t know what happened with it…


In what I would call the main part of this dream, I was peeping on a girl across the way.  I don’t know where this was—it wasn’t any place I know, like my apartment building.  The girl I was using my binoculars to spy on was someone I knew—a girl named Katja, from my composition course at WU.  She looked better in this dream than she did then: vibrant, fresh, willing.

Well, I got the binoculars on her and saw that she was undressing.  Then my view kept magnifying itself: I got closer and closer.  Finally, I was practically right in the room… and saw that someone else was there… they were having sex, or had just gotten done, or were just about to…

Somehow, my telescoping binocular vision actually became a reality…  I was in the room.  They weren’t mad at me.  They were even friendly, and wanted to know more about me.  Somehow it came to the point where they—the guy (who seemed somewhat familiar to me: an old classmate?—wanted to look at my penis.

So I unzipped and hoped it was a good moment for me…sometimes it’s bigger than at other times.  It was a pretty good moment for me.

How did they react?

With quiet grins, not quite smirks.  Did they think I was big or small?  I found the answer when the guy showed me his.  His was bigger by a significant amount…but ugly, crooked.

It was not so long but very wide, and slanted/crooked.  Well, fuck it.  I admitted that, yes, it was bigger, but what was there to do?  I congratulated the guy.

From there, we went on some kind of car ride.  I took solace in the fact that I was smarter than he was…I was going to law school.  On our drive, all I remember is going down a narrow ramp very fast, taking tight turns at a very high rate of speed.  I think we were in a Toyota Rav-4.  I remember telling him about IMSA…I guess trying to patch my self-esteem after being out-cocked.


B said she dreamed that one of my sister’s friends shot and killed me.  B tried to stop this person but she didn’t.  She woke up crying…and told me about it.


the cbw responds to the last few

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