Ralph Nader Goes to Nicaragua

John Kerry hit a home run at Fenway.  So did a very large black man with corn-rows, with whom I talked in the back of a car.  His was the highest drive I’d ever seen, up and up and finally over the wall when it came down.

I got excited when Kerry hit his home run but then he took a microphone and started making fuzzy campaign promises.  The worst was that the Green Monster was turned into a big video screen and Kerry’s big face was on it talking campaign-speak.


Elsewhere, I was with Taylor and some others, from Law School I think, including Carlos Z.  We wanted to catch a shuttle.  The one we wanted came by but was going to charge us $5 to get on board.  I was having problems getting my books together and didn’t want to get on the same shuttle as Taylor.


And Allison Barrett from Wash U and Student Life was active in politics and press.  She was about to give some kind of speech and had really weird clothes on but didn’t look too bad.  There was a crowd gathered to boo her because in the 2000 election (according to the news report I heard in the dream) she was a big Naderite.

People assumed the same about her in this election but in reality she was not going to support Nader but the Democratic candidate instead.

So all of these hecklers had turned out in futility.  I was behind Nader, however, so I was pissed at these protesters and flipped them off and thought about doing violence.  One group held up a banner that had on it the word “Nicaragua” in red.  Then they collapsed the banner to spell “Nader”, then opened it to read “Nicaragua”, etc.


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