Ray & Serpent

Ray came by outside my window one afternoon.  We were chatting it up.  He had this big, light bulb-looking thing.

But it was actually a plant tuber.

It was long and cylindrical.  He had a package he said was associated with it that said something about When the cum stains on it turn brown.  It was African.  He was wearing it around his neck.

Then Ray changes character with a guy who was suspected in the town for wearing it ’round his neck.  It was an old tradition they had let die and wanted it that way yet.

He was attacked by a mob and dragged along the ground, but he wasn’t quite Ray at this point.

Ray next appeared in a painting, with the tuber around his neck.  Except this time the tuber had hatched into being a red serpent, a snake dragon.

Ray was riding it through the water.  It completely trusted him yet he was not quite its master.

He was coming for the mob.


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