I was captured and imprisoned by government.

At first I wasn’t allowed to make any contact with the outside world.  I really missed B.  I figured she was pregnant and had maybe already borne my son.  I sold my Swatch for the opportunity to use the phone.

I was arrested because I was part of some class at school and when I noticed—what were they?—strange objects in the air—like blenders or something—I ran.

This was at Skinker and Forsyth.

Then a NASA missile hit the top of the van my group was in.  I ran but the government men surrounded me.  This was at Skinker and Wydown, one block away.

In prison, I escaped one day, running.  That’s how the dream ended.  That seems like it was in Italy.  That I see in third person.

The guy—warden—dictator—was going to give me $1 for my Swatch.  I asked for $5 and got it.  But being imprisoned with no contact with the outside world—awful.


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