See, I Can’t 100% Distinguish

Many times woken up during dream into real world of bed and blankets but also went back to dreaming.  Brookie was in this dream.  Said April was going to be a “fuckfest”.

Here are randoms:

Man in Cadillac, $5 in the backseat, dating or just friends with an African American woman who one day I noticed was pregnant,

See, I can’t 100% distinguish between B and this Af Am woman who reminded me of Tamyra Walker from high school.

Yet, I was faced with a decision of who I was going to live with after college.  Af Am woman, we had been casually dating for awhile and then one day I see her across the street and she is definitely pregnant.  She said that her stepfather did it to her, a month ago.

Time doesn’t add up of course.

After school ends, she is going to Nevada to live.  I give her the impression I might come with her because I feel sorry for her.  In my dream I tell this story to my guy friends, but I don’t include the detail that it was her stepfather.

I am supposed to be going somewhere in a car, two cars—with friends: Thom K, Ray, Ben W, Ryan D, ?  We are down on Hi Pointe Place deciding who will go in what car and I have to go to the bathroom and walk back up to my apartment.

As I’m walking back up to it I hear loud music, Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell,” and it’s coming from my apartment, and the door to my apartment is open.

When I go in Brook is in there lying down, acting asleep, and I “wake her up”.  She laughs and I decide I don’t want to go anywhere.  But I have to tell the guys downstairs.

I wake up and still feel responsibility to tell them I won’t be coming.  How do I tell them now?

I believe this was the latter part of my dream.  There was much more.  More with B and more in some building that I have a feeling I don’t want to remember.


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