Pelosi High

Killed someone in self-defense.  I wasn’t sure what to do about it because that would bring out the cops and I have these plants…

What I did was, I was driving with this guy; he was driving me; holding me against my will.  I reached over and somehow pulled out his jugular vein or carotid artery.

Blood all over the place. I steered the car off the side of the road.  The blood tasted like tomato sauce; I tasted a bit as I walked up the road.

The car was a high rider, like a Bigfoot almost.  The guy was Coby from the drug study I did awhile ago.

Separate but related thread.  Short movies, grade school shit, my movie longer that others, people walked out of the screening because they didn’t want to sit through it.  I decided I would cut out the first part.

Later in the dream, I was inside the Belleville house.  Looking out the window at a car in the driveway.  Saw Nancy Pelosi undressing, saw her tits.  Then Diane Keaton was bending over the seats, legs in back, torso in the front, she was bending over backwards.  Keaton’s tits were huge and falling all over the place.  I started to whack off in the dream, woke up hard.  Then lots of cars were using our driveway for parking, what with the high school nearby.


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