Tigers v. Marlins

Tigers v. Marlins but Dontrelle pitching for FLA gives up three doubles in the first. 

Tigers don’t score, Granderson out stealing, tagged by Delmon Young in a Reds uni streaking in from center field.

Also, Jill Christensen, old neighbor, has me over.  Date.

Also, go to bar and shoot pool with the bartender.  He asks what channel I watch post-primary.  Says something about being happy for Bush manor…

Some gal diggin through my fries and laying all across the bar in front of me.  Her socks were on the bar, too.  Gross.

Also, a weird summer camp/school where we went to look for a guy in the forest, who’d went feral.  I saw him way up in the treetops, jumping from one tree to another like a monkey.  A few of our guys went up and got him.

And, driving with someone who drives the car into the ocean, a bay somewhere in Maine or Canada.  I grabbed my bag, wondering if my digital camera would still work.  It had life but its screen said that it had “water exposure”.

The car just sank.


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