My Life as a Quant

I was walking down a big hill, first with Brian Ebel, then with Dad.

We ordered burgers halfway down the hill but got to the bottom quicker than we thought and said, “Screw ’em.”  Meaning the half-way down burgers.  So we ordered some more burgers at the bottom.  One was a burger bagel and the other one was a chicken burger.  This was at some kind of Depot Diner.

We saw someone riding a big red shiny bike up the hill and couldn’t believe how well he was moving.

Later, Mary Lou Quante [who lives above me] was in my dream.  She seduced me.  We were lying down when a couple of her young friends ascended the stairs and came into the room.

This was too much.

I got up to leave.  I accidentally put on MLQ’s jeans—and they were too big in the waist for me, and too long!

Then I went out to the parking lot, which was the parking lot of a drugstore, Gasen’s.  But my car was gone.  And the girls were out there taunting me—they had stolen it.

I thought about calling B and having her pick me up.  I felt really bad and I was contemplating an alibi.

Then, I shuddered—shaking myself awake.

[Mary Lou Quante is like 50 years old.]


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